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Procedure Gel

Procedure Gel

Procedure Gel



  • Seals the skin after washing creating a protective barrier during the procedure.

    • Forms a flexible airtight barrier that allows needles and ink to pass through.


    • Significantly reduces skin irritation due to friction.

      • Friction from wiping and handling increase irritation especially in treated areas.  DermaGear is formulated with compounds that are very slippery and have very large molecules. These large molecules act similar to ball bearings. Towels and gloves glide across the skin with very little friction.
      • Contains a powerful humectant serum that softens the scalp (canvas) evenly.

        • Exposure to the sun, elements and head wear can cause the scalp to become tougher in areas.  DermaGear Procedure Gel evens the skin moisture content producing a uniform density optimal for SMP procedures.


        1. Apply a thin layer immediately after washing the scalp and let stand for 10 minutes prior to beginning the procedure. This will create a more homogenous scalp density and increase precision.
        2. Remove excess gel as needed to your desired working surface.  More residual gel will produce a more slick surface.
        3. Apply thin layers as a barrier over the area you are working on to prevent pigment staining unworked skin.  Take care to use thin Layer (a little goes a long way).  Using DermaGear Procedure Gel seals the area you have worked on preventing weeping and speeds healing.


        No Animal Testing
        Single-use, Individually Wrapped


          12 single-use units per box.

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