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Needle Rinse

Needle Rinse

Needle Rinse



  • Stops dandruff, body oils and dirt from clogging needles.

Skin cells and blood lipids can build up in tubes and clog needles, reducing performance.  DermaGear™ Needle Rinse contains a surfactant that emulsifies the cells and blood lipids, loosening them, allowing flow through the tube and needle.
    • Thoroughly cleans tubes between shade and color changes.

    DermaGear Needle Rinse has a slight negative charge.  This slight negative charge gives the liquid a more gel-like structure.  When placed in the tube, the gel acts as a liquid agitator, freeing residual pigment particles leaving the tube and needle clear.
      • Tubes do not dry between cartridge changes.

      • Keeps needles sharp and performing consistently longer.


        Use between shade changes.
        Use between cartridge changes to keep inactive cartridge primed.
        Use periodically to maintain a clean tube and needle.


          No Animal Testing
          Glass Packaging UV Protected


              Estimated 15 (SMP) procedures per unit.


                   Scalp Artist International Technician; Eddie Lopez

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