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Mixing Solution

Mixing Solution

Mixing Solution



  • Antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial.

Our proprietary surfactants add levels of protection not found in distilled water.   
      • Low surface tension mixing solution.

      Reduces the surface tension of the ink using DermaGears™ Mixing Solution:
      + Reduces evaporation rate.
      + Maintains even flow of ink in tubes.
          • Can be used with traditional pigments.

          While we recommend DermaGear™ Hemp Infused Pigment.  Traditional Pigments can be mixed using DearmaGear Mixing Solution.
            • Premeasured 1:1 mixing ratio:

            Units come pre-measured, ready to use.


                Use to dilute pigments to desired value.


                  No Animal Testing
                  Glass Packaging UV Protected


                    Estimated 15 (SMP) procedures per unit


                       Scalp Artist International Technician; Eddie Lopez

                      Why Not Use Distilled Water?

                      Why Not Use Tap Water?