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Hemp Infused Pigment

Hemp Infused Pigment

Hemp Infused Pigment



  • Significant reduction of swelling and redness.

Less swelling allows rapid ink flow due to the reduction of internal pressures within the skin.  

      • Consistent ink flow through the tube.

      Water-based inks evaporate quickly; inks with alcohols evaporate even faster.  As the ink evaporates the performance of the ink flow decreases.  Our ink evaporates 70% slower than water-based ink.
        • Significant increase in heal-time.

            • Significant reduction of pain.

              • Will not color shift (blue, green) over time.

                • Medical Grade Ink


                  No Animal Testing
                  Glass Packaging UV Protected
                  Patent Pending


                    Estimated 15 (SMP) procedures per unit

                    Mixing Chart

                           You can download the DermaGear Mixing Cart here


                     Scalp Artist International Technician; Eddie Lopez

                    Anti-inflammation and Hemp

                    Scalp Artists Heal-time Results

                    Scalp Artists Reduced Pain Results