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Hemp Infused Pigment

Hemp Infused Pigment

Hemp Infused Pigment



  • Significant reduction of swelling and redness.

Less swelling allows rapid ink flow due to the reduction of internal pressures within the skin.  

      • Consistent ink flow through the tube.

      Water-based inks evaporate quickly; inks with alcohols evaporate even faster.  As the ink evaporates the performance of the ink flow decreases.  Our ink evaporates 70% slower than water-based ink.
        • Significant increase in heal-time.

            • Significant reduction of pain.

              • Will not color shift (blue, green) over time.

                • Medical Grade Ink


                  No Animal Testing
                  Glass Packaging UV Protected
                  Patent Pending


                    Estimated 15 (SMP) procedures per unit

                    Mixing Chart


                     Scalp Artist International Technician; Eddie Lopez

                    Anti-inflammation and Hemp

                    Scalp Artists Heal-time Results

                    Scalp Artists Reduced Pain Results