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Aftercare Gel

Aftercare Gel

Aftercare Gel



  • Seals and protects needle aperture holes from pathogens and secretions from the head.

  • Speeds healing times.

  • Does not appear shiny like hydrocarbon-based products.

DermaGear™ used specifically formulated siloxane compounds that incorporate oil-soluble alkyl and/or aryl groups.  The aryl groups modulate refractive index and, consequently, gloss.
  • Prevents scabbing that can form  scars resulting in poor outcomes

Uses similar compounds found in dressing used for plastic surgery to reduce scarring.


    No Animal Testing
    Glass Packaging UV Protected
    Patent Pending


    4 single-use units per box, enough to cover full heal cycle.

    Current wound healing procedures and potential care

    Prevention of Postsurgical Scars: Comparsion of Efficacy and Convenience between Silicone Gel Sheet and Topical Silicone Gel