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Introducing the DermaGear Sterile Pigment Cup

Posted by Jeff Bradley on

DermaGear is continuing to add products to the ever-present and quickly growing SMP world. With the recent launch of some new products to the line, DermaGear is cementing our spot within the Scalp Micropigmentation world adding the ‘wow factor’ to the customer base of SMP artists around the globe. Innovative, responsible & with the artist and client in mind, DermaGear stays close to the mission statement of developing and manufacturing technologies for the best micropigmentation outcomes and ongoing maintenance associated with the SMP procedure. Continuing to provide clean, vegan, single use products, DermaGear now officially has launched their own line of Pigment Cups, with the added advantage of complete sterilization.

With the launch of the Sterile Pigment Cups, DermaGear provides artists with the ease desired throughout a procedure as well as promotes it’s goal for the most sterile and clean environment possible, adding peace of mind to both the client and the artist alike. “Just the way they’re supposed to be!” says Seif Sidky of International Hairlines regarding the new line of sterile disposable products, and we couldn’t agree more.

The new DermaGear Pigment Cups are individual, sterile cups designed for single use sessions during the SMP procedure. With this new silicon design, artists will be delighted to find that our cups are scientifically built so that needles will last longer and not be dulled during the process; this new design outshines its former opponent of hard plastic as it significantly reduces any dulling of the needle upon continuous contact. The DermaGear Pigment Cup is soft and flexible, with a wide suction cup base, allowing the SMP professional to move and bend at his or her discretion and allow the cup to stay in place for the long procedures at hand. Not having to put a barrier down of petroleum jelly or a similar substance will allow for a cleaner procedure and easier set up and break down time.

With the artist in mind, DermaGear wanted to add continued satisfaction to the artist and client by allowing each individual cup to be sterile; now, without question or hesitation, these EO gas sterilized cups alongside other DermaGear products  provide the cleanest and safest environment for SMP Professionals and their clients. With health and safety being a huge factor in this industry, ease will be granted to the client at hand while being able to watch their artist open individually packaged, sterile towels, to the sterile pigment cups to the always sterile needles and they will fully be able to enjoy their new lifechanging procedure.